Production Control System Print


We automate from manual work stations through single stations for assembly and/or testing to fully automated assembly lines by means of
- pneumatic control systems
- PLC control systems
- PC based control systems

We have realized a great number of interfaces to external units as well as to superimposed networks. The connection and integration of external systems is our daily business.


Production control

Our production control system fulfills both the classical task as well as customer-specific requirements, matched to the production process. This includes for example:
- order administration
- product administration (sequence plan)
- measurement and test data administration
- production lot administration of assembled parts
- retooling control using reference parts
- connection to POS system and data bases for QC etc.  
- data storage    
Test technology
For a broad range of products we realize function and stress test systems. We provide complete solutions including the control system and software or alternatively the hardware only for customers with their own test technology capabilities.

Our control systems use: 
- basic PLC technology
- PC in combination with e.g. National Instruments products
- LabView, Visual C++ or Step7 Software